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Nominees Concentra Award 2010 (click to watch)

Angel Villarino - The all dwarf themepark: a human zoo?

Mia Bittar - Sudanese trouser woman

Stef Biemans - The Winning Hood

Raul Gallego Abellan - Close Calls

Adam Ellick - Cracking the whip in Pakistan

Roel Nollet - Taxi Filippino:  The disappearance of James Balao

Vaughan Smith - Operation Moshtarak

Raul Gallego Abellan - This is not like Iraq

Casey Kauffman - Baby Feras

Yermek Boltayev - Young and homeless in Almaty


The Concentra Award: mission accomplished

“Video journalism”: only ten years ago, hardly anybody knew what those words meant, and fewer people believed in the concept.
One person combining the jobs of a reporter, camera man and sound man? Ridiculous!

The Concentra Media publishing group, however, recognized the opportunities and realized this was the way forward, technically and practically, to a truly flexible and news driven organisation.
So they started to implement video journalism as a prominent tool in their newsrooms.

But in the daily reality of news gathering it was conceived as a serious step backwards, an impermissible degradation in the reporting hierarchy. A one man reporting crew equipped with a small camera simply wasn't accepted by the dinosaurian mentality, with a fetish for camera size, that dominated the pressrooms.

So we decided to start spreading the word and promote the benefits of video journalism. And The Concentra Award was born.
The huge response showed right away that our video journalists weren't the only ones who were denied recognition by their fellow journalists and news organisations. But that was about to change.

Now that the video journalism revolution is taking place all over the world, and VJ’s  get the respect they deserve from even the most conservative old school newshunters, we’ve decided to pull the plug. The Concentra Awards is put to bed.

This does not mean that we at Concentra will stop innovating, and we urge all of you to keep doing so. Even if video journalists are now accepted, the digital revolution is not completed by a long way. We're already planning new initiatives to stimulate the necessity to innovate in journalism, ideas we hope to share with all of you in the near future.

We would like to thank everybody who participated in The Concentra Award during the past seven years. It was you who made it redundant, by making it successful.

Or to put it another way: mission accomplished.

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